The South African Cultural Association Of British Columbia (SACABC) was founded in March 2010 and incorporated same year in June as a community based, not-for-profit, organization located in Surrey, British Columbia. It was formed when like-minded South African Expats wanted to address the absence of a formal forum for the exchange of cultural ideas among themselves with others in Canada.

Today, SACABC is made up of members who originated directly from South Africa, various parts of Southern African diaspora, and the lower Mainland in British Columbia. Most of our members moved to Canada as adults and therefore still have deep roots in their individual communities and regard SACABC as strong empowerment tool that validates their identity and place they all belong.

Our main focus is to hosting events to bring South Africans together and working in partnership with other African communities of the diaspora, and sharing our diverse culture within the context of Canadian Multicultural society. Amongst events SACABC hosts and participates are Freedom Day, Surrey Fusion Festival, Mandela Day, and Youth Day and the Annual Christmas Dinner And Dance. SACABC Co-hosts a Tri-Nation event with other Southern African Associations.

Our Membership is voluntary and open to all South Africans and any Canadian community member currently residing in British Columbia, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or physical disability. The Association fosters a spirit of community and belonging and builds ties with other Community Organizations.

Mission And Vision

Our mission to bring the interest of all our members and South Africans in particularly to the forefront of Canadian multicultural diversity. SACABC aspires to the following objectives to achieve its vision;

To preserve and promote the South African culture and heritage;

To support economic development and education initiatives of South Africans in Canada and abroad, and of all our members who share same aspirations with us;

To advance the understanding of interests in related issues in the general southern African community;

To connect new SACABC members, and those of our members in general, to employment, settlement, to integration resources and opportunities in the community.

Contacts: Secretary Sacabc
Tel: 604-358-2513 or 604-833-6162
Email: secretarysacabc@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sacabc.ca