SACABC Collaboration 2023 With South African Artists From South Africa And The Canadian Artists

As the post COVID 19 era dawns upon us, SACABC is embarking on a plan to launch new events and new collaborations.  As part of its music program SACABC has been in discussions with the South African Music Week (SAMW), an annual music festival and conference  event in South Africa to collaborate in a number of areas, namely:

  • Organise an annual music festival program
  • Book  South African based artists  for SACABC events throughout the year
  • Fundraise and raise sponsorship to promote cultural activities and events
  • Promote collaboration between BC and South African artists
  • Exchange best practices between SACABC and SAMW
  • Share pertinent information and relevant contacts
  • Promote South African tourism to BC and BC tourism to South Africa
  • Work closely with South Africa diplomatic mission and other institutions  to promote the South African brand  in BC
  • Publicize one another’s activities and events through each others’ website links

SAMW 2022

South African Music Week (SAMW) is a public-private-partnership between Government, South African Music Week and the private sector. SAMW is the largest music conference and tech expo in Southern Africa, also serves as a music festival and industry music-awards event. It is the international marketplace for Africa’s music industry to perform, trade, collaborate and export its music, culture, attract business, investment, trade and tourism. The event is the ideal platform for the creation of employment, sharing of ethical business practices, advanced technology, innovation, trademark and copyright protection.

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2019 Spotlight on South Africa

May 9-11, 2019 Toronto, ON

Meet a panel of market specialists, talent buyers, concert promoters and industry decision makers for CWM’s first-ever official mission from the South Africa. Discover access points for theSouth Africa and meet those who can help build bridges between Canada and South Africa.



Attend a panel of market specialists, labels, publishers, managers, agents, talent buyers, concert promoters, and industry decision makers for CMW’s first-ever official mission from South Africa. Discover entry points for the South African music market and meet those who can help build bridges between Canada and the world’s 31st-largest market for recorded music, a growth market where streaming revenues increased a phenomenal 89 per cent in 2017.


International  Marketplace  (IMP)– Sheraton Hotel, Lower Concourse  – Hall E ]
Meet one-on-one with members of the delegations from the South Africa in a session of targeted, curated, pre-arranged meetings customized to your objectives.
By appointment only. Contact the International Marketplace for details For more info please contact Kathy Hahn


Everything you need to know about South Africa’s music industry can be found in the Market Access Guide, produced by the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Music and the Arts (CAAMA).