Poster for Nelson Mandela day event in banner form

NELSON MANDELA DAY – Legacy Dinner & Dance

Come and enjoy the music from one of South Africa’s most celebrated Superstar and Mult- Platinum winner. In 2011 Zahara released her debut album Loliwe, which went platinum in 13 days and double platinum in 17 days, selling over 100,000 copies in South Africa. The music video for her debut single, Loliwe, has surpassed the 7 million views mark on YouTube. On 1 May 2012, at the annual South African Music Awards, Zahara won eight awards, including “Best Female Artist” and “Album of the Year”

29 JULY 2023

Where: Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Avenue, Vancouver BC

$50(incl. dinner) Adults,
$25 Seniors & Kids(over 6 years of age).
Kids Modeling Fashion Show!



seniors sitting around a table enjoying dinner and conversing with each other

South African Cultural Association Of British Columbia has launched a Seniors Program “Village of Rainbow Seniors”

Open Dialogue will be the focus of the launching of  THE VILLAGE OF RAINBOW SENIORS

The following is an excerpt from “The Good Life: Lessons From the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness” co-written by Waldinger and Marc Schulz


“It’s never too late to develop meaningful relationships as they’re also a source of  

social support, practical help, valuable information and ongoing engagement with the world around us. 

All of these benefits remain possible, even when cherished family and friends pass on.” 


Throughout the project our aims are to establish connections between seniors to reduce

isolation and promote wellness by providing stimulating activities in a healthy, safe,

and supportive environment.

We plan to also partner seniors and create a buddy partnership system for seniors to

have friendly support in their homes that will foster independence and combat

loneliness, aside from our weekly programs. Some of the activities include weekly program activities such as cookie baking days, sewing/knitting classes, and social dances.


Seniors will benefit from the project by being involved in activities that will reduce their

chances of feeling lonely and isolated. They will be empowered through our online

learning sessions which will leave them more secure as they embark on a learning

journey through the world wide web.  The inclusion in the community through our activities will promote their mental and physical well-being leaving them confident and vivacious.