CMW 2020 Spotlight on South Africa

In May 2020, a South African music industry delegation will again participate in CMW 2020 core program activities that include: conferencing workshops, music expo and exhibition, talent showcasing, and business to business engagement. The following artists shall form part of the South African delegation to CMW:


  • Face (afro beat)
  • Zahara (afro soul)
  • Rocksteady (rock reggae)
  • Jay popular (hip hop)
  • Thuto, featuring Nono (afro jazz)
  • Automatic (rock hip hop)


It is anticipated that as part of the preparation to visit Canada, South African artists shall record a theme song in a collaboration with their Canadian counterpart. The song shall form an important part of the marketing build up to the South African music industry participation at CMW 2020. At the conclusion of the CMW program in May 2020, South African artists shall embark on a concert tour, subject to bookings, of several cities across Canada to draw attention to South African music.