South Africans and Canadian Artists Collabo

SOUTH AFRICAN CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF BC continues to look at better ways to improve collaborations between the South Africans music Artists and the Canadians.

An example of this was a production of a double album CD sampler that was compiled and distributed to CMW delegates, eight South African artists of diverse musical backgrounds showcased at CMW MAY 2019.

Among these artists is Nono Nkono, a young gifted South African jazz artist who showcased live with a Canadian ensemble of musicians she had only met and rehearsed with overnight Her performance became one of the highlights of CMW, a historic first collaboration of South African and Canadians on stage.

Mahlathini and the legendary Mahotella Queens is another South African traditional coral group that performed to a standing ovation at Dundas Square as part of the CMW showcase, May 2019.

Booked by Habari Africa, a Toronto-based multicultural festival. Zahara, a multi-platinum award winning South African artist also performed with a Canadian band at the July 2019 festival.

The successful spotlight of the South African music industry at the May 2019 CMW has ushered in a new era of opportunity to further strengthen cultural and bilateral ties between the two countries music industries.